Feb 18, 2009


5 x 7 Watercolor

This old guy is now 14 years old and has cheated death at least 2 times in the last year. He's fragile and scraggly, but still has bright eyes and is loved by all in the house.

Feb 15, 2009

The Path to a Man's Heart

5 x 7 Watercolor

Last fall I found out my cholesteral level was over 300. Fending off perscribed medication the doctor agreed to letting me give diet and exercise a try. My wife Joan kicked right in and made sure I started eating the right kinds of food. That together with regular bike riding brought the number down by 60 pts. in just 3 months. Joan continues to make sure that I eat all kinds of healthy food and take my vitamins. I gave her this painting on Valentine's day to let her know that she has won my heart and made it stronger.

To immediately reduce your cholesteral level I reccommend oatmeal every morning with blueberries and wheat germ. Add strawberries for additonal flavor.

Feb 9, 2009


11 x 14 Watercolor

Zeus was a great dog. He belonged to Betty McMillan, my sister-in-law's mother. He's gone now, but Sonja wanted me to paint a picture of him for her mom. I finished it last night.

In an effort to get his likeness right I was a prisoner to the reference photo. It was only when I put the photo away and just painted that it started to look like anything good. Nevertheless, I still wish it was looser.

Feb 8, 2009


4 x 6 Watercolor

Hopelessly self destructive, F. Scott Fitzgerald died when he was only 44. Eight years later his wife Zelda died at the age of 48. Last year we made the pilgrimage to Rockville, MD where they are buried. Fitzgerald is my daughter Anna's favorite writer; she plans to visit other notable places connected to his life as time goes on. But her journey began at the place where his ended. I did this little painting last night for her to treasure the moment.

Feb 6, 2009


This guy visits every couple of days just outside our front window. I decided to capture him in a small 4 x 6 watercolor. I'm sending it to my mom for her birthday. She is 83 on February 9.