Feb 9, 2009


11 x 14 Watercolor

Zeus was a great dog. He belonged to Betty McMillan, my sister-in-law's mother. He's gone now, but Sonja wanted me to paint a picture of him for her mom. I finished it last night.

In an effort to get his likeness right I was a prisoner to the reference photo. It was only when I put the photo away and just painted that it started to look like anything good. Nevertheless, I still wish it was looser.


Dewberry Fine Art said...

Zeus would be proud. Very nice painting with a lot of feeling.

aminsaim said...

nice painting I tried to paint dogs, cats and other animals with watercolor but failed. congratulation especially for an artist who just started painting in 2006.

Blair said...

Dori, welcome! and thank you for your comment.

Blair said...

Aminsaim, hello! and thank you for your post. Keep going with the watercolors. I've heard you get the hang of it around the 1000th painting!